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Government e-Marketplace GeM Portal: Benefits of GeM Bidding Process for Sellers

The Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is an online platform launched by the Government of India to facilitate the procurement of goods and services by various government departments and organizations. GeM aims to promote transparency, efficiency, and ease of doing business for both buyers and sellers. For sellers, the GeM bidding process offers several benefits:

  • Access to a Large Customer Base:
  • GeM provides sellers to access a vast customer base consisting of various government departments and organizations at the central, state, and local levels. This significantly helps to expand their market reach and potential for business growth.

  • Transparency and Fairness:
  • GeM follows a transparent and standardized bidding process that ensures fair competition among sellers. These reduce the chances of favoritism and corruption in procurement & providing equal opportunities to all vendors.

  • Reduced Marketing Costs:
  • GeM sellers can save marketing and advertising expenses since the platform acts as a centralized marketplace for government buyers. They don't need to spend as much on promoting their products or services to individual government entities. Streamlined Documentation: GeM simplifies the procurement process by reducing the paperwork and documentation required for government tenders. Sellers can submit bids, invoices, and other documents by online & making the process more efficient and less time-consuming.

  • Timely Payments:
  • GeM ensures timely payments to sellers, as it integrates with the Public Finance Management System (PFMS). This reduces cash flow challenges that sellers may face in traditional procurement processes.

  • Real-time Tracking:
  • Sellers can track the status of their bids and transactions in real-time through the GeM portal. This transparency helps them to manage their operations efficiently.

  • Increased Visibility:
  • GeM offers to sellers the opportunity to showcase their products or services to a wide range of government buyers which increased the visibility of high sales and business growth.

  • Ease of Compliance:
  • GeM simplifies the compliance with government regulations and policies check automatically and validate the documents during the bidding process. This reduces the risk of non-compliance.

  • Feedback Mechanism:
  • Sellers can receive feedback from government buyers on their products & services, helping them to make necessary improvements and enhance the quality of their offerings.

  • Reduced Entry Barriers:
  • GeM lowers entry barriers for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups, allowing them to compete an equal footing with larger companies in government procurement.

  • Cost Savings:
  • Sellers can save operational costs as they have no longer need to participate in physical tenders or maintain a physical presence in various locations. GeM allows them to operate from a centralized location.

  • Environmentally Friendly:
  • The digital nature of GeM reduces the need of physical paperwork and transportation, contributing to environmental sustainability.

GeM Bidding Process for Seller

The bidding process for sellers on the Government e-marketplace (GeM) in India involves several steps to participate in government procurement opportunities. Here's an overview of the typical GeM bidding process for sellers:

  • Registration on GeM:
  • The first step is to register as a seller on the GeM portal. Sellers need to provide the necessary details and documentation to complete the registration process. This includes business information, GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number), PAN (Permanent Account Number), and other relevant details.

  • Cataloging Products & Services:
  • After registration, sellers can create and upload their product or service catalogs on the GeM portal. They need to provide detailed descriptions, specifications, prices, and other relevant information for their offerings.

  • Product Approval:
  • GeM authorities review the products or services submitted by sellers for compliance with government standards and policies. Approval is granted once the products or services meet the required criteria.

  • Participation in Bidding:
  • Sellers can participate in government tenders or bids by: Responding to specific requests for quotations (RFQs) or tenders posted by government departments and organizations. Offers competitive prices and terms for their products or services within the bidding timelines.

  • Bid Submission:
  • Sellers submit their bids through the GeM portal, including the price, delivery terms, and any other relevant information specified in the RFQ or tender document

  • Bid Evaluation:
  • Government buyers evaluate the bids submitted by sellers. The evaluation process may consider price, quality, delivery time, and compliance with specifications.

  • Award of Contract:
  • The government department or organization awards the contract to the winning bidder based on the evaluation criteria. The selected seller is notified through the GeM portal.

  • Order Placement:
  • After winning a contract, the government buyer orders the specified quantity of products or services through the GeM portal.

  • Fulfillment and Delivery:
  • Sellers are responsible for fulfilling the order and delivering the products or services to the government buyer within the agreed upon timeframe and quality standards.

  • Payment:
  • After successful delivery and acceptance of the products or services, the government buyer processes payment to the seller through GeM. GeM integrates with the Public Finance Management System (PFMS) for timely payments.

  • Feedback and Rating:
  • Government buyers have the option to send feedback and ratings according to the seller's performance, which can help to build the seller's reputation on the platform.

  • Post-Transaction Reporting:
  • Sellers are required to maintain records of their transactions and generate reports as per the need of tax compliance and audit purposes.

(Product / Service )
A First 3 ₹ 847 ₹ 2,542 ₹ 457 ₹ 2,999
B 4 ₹ 760 ₹ 3,042 ₹ 547 ₹ 3,589
C 5 ₹ 708 ₹ 3,542 ₹ 637 ₹ 4,179
D 6 ₹ 674 ₹ 4,042 ₹ 727 ₹ 4,769

For Every Additional Product Rs. 500 + 18% Gst = 590/- will be charged over and above 3 products.
For Ex: For 50 Products Rs. 26042 + 18% GST = 30729/- will be charged.

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