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List of items on the GeM portal

List of items on the GeM portal

The GeM provides an online end-to-end solution for the public procurement of goods & services which is initiated by the  Ministries of Central Government, state government, and Public Sectors bodies. 

You can upload your list of items on the GeM portal to get a trustworthy customer and to expand your business globally to bring more profit and recognition to your business startups. 

GeM provides the entire procurement process from vendor registration to order Fulfillment and payment. It is a complete end-to-end contactless, cashless and paperless procurement process.

GeM enhances transparency and efficiency in the procurement process which ensures timely delivery and payment.

GeM is categorized by three main terms:

  • Openness

GeM is an open marketplace for public procurement with transparency

  • Fairness

One of the main objectives of the GeM is to allow the seller bid and small to gain direct access to the government buyers. This will ensure the health and competitiveness of the marketplace.

  • Inclusiveness

All government buyers and sellers shall be accepted on all platforms to promote inclusiveness.

GeM Registration 

GeM registration is initiated with the principle of ease, convenience, and minimal procedures related to the data. 

The GeM registration process should be self-certified and validated exclusively through online integration with the domain databases. Aadhar will be used as the primary user identification proof.

User accounts will be regularly monitored to detect inactive accounts. The GeM platform has the basic criteria that GeM may layout or revise from time to time to re-verify the details in order to ensure that the accounts are active. The GeM platform reserves the right to deactivate the accounts that are unfit or inactive.

How to apply for GeM Registration Online?

If you want to register in the GeM portal online then you can follow the steps: 

STEP 1: To get registration in the GeM portal -Click here

STEP  2: Complete the registration form for GeM Registration.

STEP  3: Upload the personal aadhar card for the verification process.

STEP  4: Tick both boxes to agree with the term and conditions.

STEP  5: Check all the details and then click on the SUBMIT button.

STEP  6: After successful registration complete the payment for the further process.

STEP  7: After completion of payment the verification process will be done by experts and process completion mail will be sent to your registered email ID.

Product Categories on GeM Registration

There are a lot of products and service categories in the GeM portal and there are also subcategories that are present in these categories. So get registered in the GeM registration portal to buy and sell your products and services. Some names of the categories are mentioned below:

  1. Clothing Accessories
  2. Fire protection
  3. Direct Products and Eggs
  4. Marine Transport
  5. Data Voice and Network
  6. Medical
  7. Furniture
  8. Stationary
  9. Fire Safety
  10. Fire Protection
  11. Hardware
  12. Industrial Pumps & Compressors
  13. Jewelry
  14. Laboratory & Scientific Equipment
  15. Gymnastics and Boxing Equipments
  16. Law Enforcement 
  17. Industrial Optics
  18. Heating & Ventilation
  19. Computers 
  20. Battery, Cells, and Accessories

Catalogue Management

One of the major foundation pillars of the GeM portal is its goods and services catalogue.

A reliable category management system must be able to support a standard buying process, create a creative market and provide the buyer with search & compare capability.

The GeM portal provides a rich catalogue with complete information of features,&  specification of goods and services.

If you want the Catalogue service in the GeM portal then you can fill the contact form for this:

STEP 1: Enter the name of the applicant.

STEP 2: Enter the mobile number of the applicant registered in the GeM portal.

STEP 3: Enter the email ID which is already registered with the GeM portal.

STEP 4: Select the nature of business.

STEP 5: Enter the details of your business type.

Document required for GeM Registration

  • For Proprietorship

Pan Card of Proprietor, Aadhaar Card of Proprietor, GST Certificate, MSME Certificate(if avail)

  • For Partnership Firm

Firm Pan Card, Partner Pan Card (Key Person), Aadhaar Card (Key Person), Firm Gst Certificate, Firm Bank Account Details, Firm MSME Certificate (if avail)

  • For Company

Company Pan Card, Director Pan Card, Aadhaar Card (Key Person), Company Gst Certificate, Company Bank Account Details, Company MSME Certificate (if avail)

  • For Trust / Society

Trust / Society Pan Card, Partner Pan Card (Key Person), Aadhaar Card (Key Person), Trust / Society Gst Certificate, Trust / Society Bank Account Details, Trust / Society MSME Certificate (if avail)

Buying Modes in GeM

The GeM provides three primary buying modes and the appropriate use of the buying mode is indicated by the portal as per the total value of the procurement.

The three buying modes in the GeM portal are following:

  1. Direct Purchase

Direct purchase mode will be allowed for low-value transactions and allow the buyer to directly procure from a seller at a specified value and the order is delivered in the specified time period.

  1. Direct Purchase with L1

The Direct Purchase with L1 mode will be allowed for mid-value transactions and allow the buyer to directly procure the order from the L1 seller after comparing all the sellers on the portal that meet the requisite details.

  1. e-bid / RA ( Reverse Auction) mode

The e-bid / RA mode will be allowed for buyers to conduct electronic bids for the goods and services. The GeM will provide buyers with the option to customize the bid as per their requirement of objective selections.


If you are a manufacturer or entrepreneur then come forward and complete the registration for GeM portal. You can also list your items in the GeM online portal which will provide a wide e-marketplace with healthy business and customers. You can also get the benefit of catalogue service from our experts and complete guidance throughout the registration process.


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