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FAQ GEM Registration

GeM (Government e-marketplace) is an online marketplace where the Central Government and Public Organizations can purchase goods and services as per their needs. GeM SPV is the organization in charge of developing, operating, and sustaining the GeM platform.
The price of GeM is different from the other marketplaces due to following reasons:

  1. All taxes are included in the prices of GeM.
  2. The warranty period of products which sold on GeM may differ.
  3. For some goods, warranty is available on site.
  4. Unlike other marketplaces, GeM has unique payment arrangements for transactions.
Within 72 working hours from the accepted time, the service application is approved.
No, Aadhaar is no longer required for seller registration; rather sellers may utilize their personal PAN for identity verification.
You should provide the official email address of the Account Manager to ensure the receive updates.
The log interval is a period of time after which the seller should make an invoice. The contract provides that the bill will be created in equal parts in a period of time up to 30 days.
  • GeM offers a comprehensive and engaging online platform for the manufacturers, small dealers, and service providers.
  • It helps to purchase goods and services on online by various government sectors.
  • Marketplace & prices will be changed for goods and services as well as it will also change the customer’s needs and market conditions.
  • The buyers and sellers upload all documents by digitally on the secure site.
  • It offers modern techniques including electronic selling, online reverse auctions, and demand aggregation to give government users the best value for their money
  • It offers direct purchase for public sector organizations, government agencies, and departments.
  • Both buyers and sellers can use its user-friendly interface.
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